JPP TIM (PPP Team) is an expert group specialized forthe provision of consulting services forthe public-private partnerships (PPP).
Consulting services include expertise in the process of implementation ofthe PPP arrangement, in all three basic stages of the PPP project:

  • Preparation of the PPP project proposal
  • Preparation of a PPP Contract
  • Preparation and monitoring of the procurement procedure


PPPs are the most complex development instrument applied by the public sector, engaging private capital and management in the realization of mainly infrastructure projects of public importance.
A public partner may be a public enterprise, a local self-government unit, a provincial or republican executive authority, led by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.
Successful PPP implies a win-win effect – the profitability of the project for a private partner, and at the same time faster, more efficient and cheaper realization of the public interest than in the case of a traditional implementation of the project, when the design, construction, maintenance, use and collection are financed and implemented by the public sector alone.

The public partner, as the proposer of a PPP arrangement, doesn’t have the necessary expertise required for the implementation of a successful PPP in one place:

  • Expert for Public-Private Partnerships
  • Expert for making a justification and feasibility studies of a PPP projectsv
  • Expert for making a justification and feasibility studies of a PPP projects
  • cExpert for the development of the financial structure of the PPP projects
  • Corporate Law Expert in Preparing the PPP Contract Proposal
  • Expert for the tender procedure in the procurement of a private partner of the PPP projects
  • Experts depending on the subject of the PPP: waste management, energy, water supply, road and traffic infrastructure, etc

On the private partner’s side, a PPP team offers expert assistance to potential investors when choosing a public partner, in negotiations, in the preparation of the project proposal (PPP can also be proposed by a private partner), in the preparation of the procurement documentation and in drafting of the PPP Contract.

Without the necessary expertise, the risk of a failure of a PPP increases dramatically for both the public and the private partner alike, and the world practice shows that, in these cases, PPPs are more expensive and harmful to public interests than a traditional public financing of the projects of public interest.

JPP TIM (PPP Team) is a unique team in the region, highly specialized for the assistance in order to successfully implement the public-private partnership projects.

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