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JPP TIM (PPP Team) provides expert assistance to the public sector in the preparation and implementation of public-private partnerships.

PPPs are complex processes which require team work of several highly specialized experts in different areas, depending on the nature of the project. Such expertise doesn’t exist in one place in the public sector, whether the PPP proposer is a public company, unit of a local self-government, a provincial secretariat, ministry of the republic, or the Government of the RS itself.

The PPP goal from the public sector perspective as a partner in the project is faster, better, more efficient and cheaper realization of infrastructure investment for which there is not enough money in the budget.

JPP TIM (PPP Team) provides expertise in the PPP project cycle:

Our services:

Project identification (project definition, PPP option estimation, project availability, risk allocation, bankability, Value for Money (VfM) analysis)

Preparation of the PPP project proposal (VfM and PSC budget, preparation of business plan, justification and feasibility study, financial structure, risk matrix, environmental impact)

Preparation of the PPP project (project team, project plan and timetable)

Pre-procurement phase (preparation of additional studies, detailed draft PPP model, selection of the procurement model, defining criteria for selection of bids, drafting of the PPP Contract)

The procurement procedure (preparation of the procurement documentation and procurement implementation)

Signing of all PPP contracts

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